WITTNER Chrome 200D, Super 8 cartridge, 50ft/15m

WITTNER Chrome 200D, Super 8 cartridge, 50ft/15m

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Color Reversal Film

Agfachrome RSX-II 200 Emulsion coated onto clear Polyester base
Super 8 Cartridge 50ft / 15m
ISO 200/24° Daylight (5500K, w/o Filter)
ISO 50/18° Tungsten (3000-3400K, with Filter Wratten 80A)
Processing (E6) not included
Examples: www.colorreversalfilm.com


End of product - Super 8 is sold out completely


YEAH!  -  5 years of WITTNER CHROME 200D
...and farewell!


In March 2013 we have started selling our Wittner Chrome 200D products, just months after Kodak discontinued the Ektachrome 100D. How ironic that now, five years later, we have to  discontinue our own product, since the raw stock Agfa RSX-II 200 is depleted.

Nevertheless, we are very proud having ensured the continuous worldwide supply of the color reversal market during the past 5 years. For most lab operators, this made it possible to keep the E6 lines open, what otherwise would not have been the case.

In addition to the Cinefilm market, we also supplied many industrial customers with a broad variety of Wittner Chrome 200D specialty products. The total quantities of all custom-made specialty products are in the seven-digit range. The Wittner Chrome 200D products are the most successful color reversal products of our companies history. No other material of this kind was ever sold almost that often. Not even the legendary K40!

Finally, we would like to thank our excellent distributors worldwide, without whose energetic support and help this phenomenal success would not have been achievable. A lot of information was provided by our reseller network after the demise of the Ektachrome and the customer base was supported with our Wittner Chrome 200D products as a viable solution.

The success became visible by regular reordering in considerable quantities. 50, 100, 200, 500, up to 800 cartridges were shipped into the world on a frequent basis. Lot sizes that we first had to adjust to in production. After a bumpy start in March 2013 we got the production capacity right by mid of the year. The following 5 years we were able to supply (with brief interruptions, triggered by bulk orders) almost continuosly - until now.

Are we sad it's over now?
No. It was a very successful and interesting but also turbulent and exhausting time for us. After this 5-year manufacturing marathon the whole team is looking forward to some rest and variety. The released time and energy can be used for other projects. We are very pleased that we have left a remarkable footprint in all areas of color reversal film application and that we were able to ensure filmmakers all over the world to use color reversal film during the past 5 years. You could not have planned or wished it better. 5 years were the perfect time span, a perfect fit. Not possible to do better.

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