WITTNERPAN 100 new, Super 8 cartridge, 50ft/15m

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B/W Reversal Film

Super 8 Cartridge 50ft / 15m, 1 pc.
ISO 100/21° Daylight (5500K, w/o Filter)
ISO 80/20° Tungsten (3000-3400K, w/o Filter)
Processing not included
This is a fine grain B/W reversal film, coated onto acetate base (greybase). It can be processed to a negative or to a rich reversal positive. The film emulsion will yield an excellent tonal range, even in highlights and deepest shadows. This film is sharp, features an anti-halation layer for excellent detail reproduction. WITTNERPAN 100 can be exposed @ 80, 100 or 125 ASA, depending on camera, personal taste and application. Slitted and perforated in highest quality and loaded under clean-room conditions into new and genuine Kodak Super 8 cartridges.

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