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Product no.: 8145CI
suitable for:
45.82 *

still available

Product no.: 8052
Belt Kit
Open Reel / Audio Cassette
10 pcs. 1x1mm square/square belts
suitable for many different kind of open reel and compact cassette recorders
2 pcs. diameter 45mm
2 pcs. diameter 55mm
2 pcs. diameter 65mm
2 pcs. diameter 75mm
2 pcs. diameter 90mm
39.90 *

still available

Product no.: 8180
Metal Spring Transmission Belt
2 pieces
Length 490mm / each
Can connect to a long belt or may be used separately.
They can be shortened easily.
Replacement for most old / broken metal spring belt transmissions in historic filmprojectors or other equipment.
Diameter 2.6mm, Spring Steel
1 Kit = 2 pieces
Length: 490mm / each
39.90 *


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