Battery Holder (AA-Type) Beaulieu 6008 / 7008 / 9008

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Beaulieu Battery Holder (AA-Type)

suitable for Beaulieu 6008, 7008, 9008

Fits into the camera handle and allows to power the camera by using 6 pcs. of ordinary rechargeable prime cells or reloadable batteries (AA type / Mignon).

An valuable helper when there is no energy or time to charge the Powerpack Battery. The well-known AA batteries are available almost all over the world and enable the camera to continue operating. That can be "life-saving" for a film project. Even those who only need a power source to test a camera that may be bought (or sold) are well advised with the little helper.
We recommend the use of Eneloop AA cells.

Custom-made from an existing stock of spare parts, assembled and tested by hand individually. You do not pay for the material value here, but for the time it takes to assemble this accessory from individual components, plates, springs, screws etc. Made by order,
custom made.

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