Reel Adaptors / Rewind Adaptors Super 8 / 16mm

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Reel Adaptors / Rewind Adaptors Super 8 / 16mm

Brand: Neil Research Labs, NRL S8-16

Nicely machined high quality reel adaptors

The adaptors permanently convert a 16mm film rewind for accepting Super 8 reels

New Adaptor for using Super 8 reels on 16mm rewinds. Includes a "ReelNut". The Adaptor itself sports a spindle that is approximately 1/4" longer than needed to hold a Super 8 reel. The protruding portion of the spindle is threaded, and the ReelNut threads on, retaining the reel to the Adaptor quite firmly. Since the Adaptor has a longer spindle, the typical means of 'flipping' the end of the 16mm spindle to secure the reel is not used - since there is not room, and, because that is precisely what makes the reels wobble when using adaptors of different design. Since the ReelNut is retaining the reel to the Adaptor, only a single setscrew is needed to retain the Adaptor to the 16mm spindle. Made by order.

Brass / steel / plastic, 1 Pair


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