WittnerVision 200T, Double 8, 25ft / 7.5m

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WittnerVision 200T - Double 8
Color Negative Film

Double 8 (2x8mm) - yields Regular 8 film after processing and slitting
25ft / 7.5m*
on Camera Reel (ø approx. 2" / 51mm)

ISO 200/24° Tungsten (3000-3400K, w/o Filter)
ISO 125/22° Daylight (5500K, with Filter Wratten 85)

*Filling Length: 9m / 29.5ft
Made from factory fresh non-perforated film stock (Vision3 200T)
perforated, finished and packed @ Wittner Cinetec, Germany
Processing (ECN-2) not included


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