Kodak Molecular Sieve Acid Scavenger, 120 pcs.

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Kodak Molecular Sieve Acid Scavenger, 1 Pack = 120 pcs.

Molecular Sieve is a promising new technology developed by Eastman Kodak Company, that has the ability to retard the vinegar syndrome reaction. Simply stated, the inclusion of Molecular Sieve with processed motion picture film in a sealed container has the ability to extend the life of the dye images and film support beyond that which is currently considered normal.

Kodak Molecular Sieve is an acid scavenger that helps to extend the storage life and improve dye stability of films by retarding unwanted vinegar syndrome reactions.

Each packet contains 12.5g of desiccant within a Tyvek packet, which should be placed inside of film canisters along with the film and then wrapped within a polyethylene plastic bag or sealed with moisture-proof tape.

The Pack includes 120 packets, with each containing 12.5g of desiccant. The packets are provided in strips of six packets each.

1 Pack = 120 pcs. and Instruction Sheet

Instruction Sheet

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