Vision3 200T, 16mm 1R, 100ft / 30.5m, spool down

Product no.: 2211-WCT


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This filmstock is converted from factory-fresh 122m (400ft) rolls to new / unused 30m (100ft) camera spools in the dark area/clean room.
We offer this temporary solution, since the 30m (100ft) product is currently not available in the usual quantities.
Minimum order quantity: 4 pcs. (or multiple qty)

KODAK Vision3 200T [7213]
Color Negative Film

16mm, single perf (16 1R 7605 [2994] EIB), Camera Reel 100ft / 30.5m
ISO 200/24° Tungsten (3000-3400K, w/o Filter)
ISO 125/22° Daylight (5500K, with Filter Wratten 85)
Processing (ECN-2) not included

Kodak Catalogue Information:
16 mm 200T 7213 1288497
KODAK VISION3 200T Color Negative Film 7213
Camera Spool / Winding B / 1R-2994 1R 1 30,5 m 100 ft 30,5m

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