Film Guide Roller 16mm, professional version

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Film Guide Roller 16mm, professional version

High Quality Film Guide Roller made in Germany by Wittner Cinetec. Solid construction, nicely machined, smoothly and clean surface, easy to mount and securely to use. High rims will keep film securely on track. Picture area remains untouched. Film guiding takes place on the edges of the film only.


Film Format


Outer Diameter approx.

1.58" / 40mm

Length of Shaft approx.

2.95" / 75mm

Mounting Thread

M6 x 35mm

Roll Material

POM / Delrin (black)

Shaft Material

Stainless Steel, polished

Bearing type

Slide bearing

Material Nuts / Discs

Stainless Steel


2 Nuts, 2 Discs


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