CIR Catozzo 16mm, M3 16mm special

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CIR Catozzo 16mm, M3 16mm special

M.3-16mm Special (INC47/B-SCM) 

Professional 16mm Film Splicer from legendary manufacturer CIR Catozzo.
Extremely solid professional grade Tape Splicer for 16mm Motion Picture Film (silent and sound).

Highest precision, durable parts, long lasting cutting blades, solid machine yielding excellent tape splices. This is a must-have for 16mm professionals and enthusiasts. A worthwile investment for the time to come.
WCT-Edition, Sonderanfertigung / made by order.
• Perforates and cuts the adhesive tape to join 16 mm film
• Micrometrical registration pins regulator to obtain always perfect butt splices also with old and retired film
• Retractable pins for splicing of non-standard pitched film
• Film-hold-down-springs for curled film
• Guide lines for tape application
• Spring-loaded knife, always ready for the next cut
• Anti-skid plate with rubber foot mounting to keep the splicer stationary and to collect the punched-out tape rectangles


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Film Splicing Tape 16mm (15mm x 15m) Film Splicing Tape 16mm (15mm x 15m)
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