BRAUN Visacustic Metal Gear / Cog Wheel

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BRAUN Visacustic Metal Gear / Cog Wheel, 1 piece

Braun Visacustic 100, 1000 and 2000 replacement drive cogwheel. This notorious troublemaker in this phantastic projector can now professionally be fixed. This replacing wheel is in shape and function like the original but made from solid brass compound. Thus the original function is retained. The replacement wheel is not shrunk together but CNC manufactured from one single piece of metal, so it will never crack like the original. 

Newly manufactured, very solid Metal Gear / Toothed Wheel / Cogwheel.

Replaces the plastic version on the internal main axis of all Braun Visacustic machines.

Made in Germany



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Grease Klüber Microlube GL 261, can 25g Grease Klüber Microlube GL 261, can 25g
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