WITTNERPAN 50, Super 8 cartridge, 50ft / 15m

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B/W Reversal Film

Super 8 Cartridge 50ft / 15m, 1 pc.
ISO 50/18° Daylight (5500K, w/o Filter)
ISO 40/17° Tungsten (3000-3400K, w/o Filter)
Processing not included

This is a very fine grain B/W reversal film, coated onto clear acetate base. It can be processed to a negative or to a very rich reversal positive. The film emulsion contains a big amount of silver and will yield an excellent tonal range, even in the brightest highlights and deepest shadows. This film is very sharp, features an anti-halation layer for excellent detail reproduction. This film can be exposed 40, 50 or 64 ASA, depending on camera, personal taste and application.

Slitted and perforated in highest quality and loaded under clean-room conditions into new and genuine Kodak Super 8 cartridges.


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