Film-O-Clean MK3 System for 8mm/S8/16mm Film

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Film-O-Clean MK3 System for 8mm / Super 8 / 16mm Film

Film-O-Clean is a self-contained film cleaning system which mounts on a movie projector to clean as you project, on telecine machines or a bench for cleaning between rewinds.
Designed to be safe and effective, Film-O-Clean incorporates a film-driven mechanism to automatically advance the Cleaning Media so fresh media is always in contact with film. As film travels through Film-O-Clean, the Drive Wheel rotates to power the internal gearing which automatically advances the Cleaning Media. Two independent spools of Cleaning Media remove debris from both sides of film simultaneously.
Film-O-Clean provides many advantages when used in conjunction with a film projector or film transfer unit.
Film-O-Clean is designed to safely clean film wet or dry. The unit can be changed easily between film projector, telecine unit or rewinds. This modular and portable design enables Film-O-Clean to be moved from one location to another easily, and also to the rewind bench for stand-alone cleaning.
Film-O-Clean is crafted to strict tolerances using top quality materials to provide a smooth and near-frictionless movement which is safe for use with any film stock.

Application Examples
Film-O-Clean MK3 System for 8mm / Super 8 / 16mm Film
Custom-made product. Dimensions approx. 155x103x80mm.
Includes 2 rolls of Cleaning Media, Operator Handbook, Tools.


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Film-O-Clean Film Cleaning Media, 2 rolls Film-O-Clean Film Cleaning Media, 2 rolls
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