ORWO UN 54, Super 8, 950ft / 290m on core

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B&W Negative Film / B&W Reversal Film

Super 8 (8S 1R 4234 [1667] EIA) on core
ISO 125/22° for Reversal Processing
ISO 100/21° for Negative Processing
Processing not included

950ft / 290m on core

The ORWO Universal Negative film UN54 is a very fine-grained, medium-speed black and white cine camera filmstock with high sharpness for versatile applications. UN54 is panchromatic sensitized and has a comfortable exposure latitude and can be used for both exterior and interior shots. Due to its soft gradation also well suited for telecine applications. UN54 can be developed into negative or reversal film.

Minimum Order Quantity: 4 Rolls (or multiple qty)

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