Cine Projector Mirror Lamp 8V-50W, Base P30s, A1/17, CXR / CXL

Cine Projector Mirror Lamp 8V-50W, Base P30s, A1/17, CXR / CXL

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Bulb Type

Tungsten Reflector Lamp

Voltage (V)


Wattage (W)



Dr. Fischer




P30s / P15S30

Bulb Shape



The Base is also known as: P30s, P15s, SX15s/19, P15s30
Replacement for lamp type: ANSI: CXR / CXL, LIF: A1/17, Philips: 13120C/04, 13113C/04, Sylvania: SYL17, Osram: 58.8007, AVI: NP-850, Philips 13120 C/04, CXR / CXL P30s, CXR 8V/50W ANSI, Sylvania SYL-17, Osram 58.8007, Hanimex 15.1500, A1-263 THORN

Cine Projector Mirror Lamp

8V / 50W / P30s Filmprojector example list:

  • Agfa: Movector F8-T, F8, G, B, BS, 888, Sonector 8 (5713)
  • Bell & Howell: Autoload 331, 324, 488 Z
  • Bolex: Projektor 18-5, 18-5 Automatic, 18-5 super, 8-15L (old version only)
  • Bosch Bauer: Bauer T2, T3 super, T1 super und T4. T 17 sound (old version only)
  • Carl Braun: Paximat Cine 8 MK
  • Cinemax: 8GF RS
  • Eumig: Mark S 602D (old version only), P8d, Mark S704 , S712/ S712D (old version only), Mark 501/502D (old version only), Sound 75.
  • Eumig P8 Dual (old version only)
  • Fuji: Fujicasope M10, M-2, M-3, M20, M25, M33
  • Hanimex: Loadmatic 880, Instdual 800 ZR, Loadmatic 808 D, Instdual 800 DLS
  • Loadmatic: SR 8600
  • Knöss: Supra FP 151 sound
  • Leitz: Cinovid
  • Liesegang: Liesegang S 1
  • Meopta: Meolux 2, AM 8, AM 8 Supra, Meolux 1
  • Neckermann Exclusiv 5000 Ton (old version only)
  • Nizo: Cinemator 8, Visacustic (Regular 8, old version only)
  • Noris: Noris 8 Super 50, Super 8M, Universal
  • Noris SR 1
  • Pentacon: Pentax P81
  • Porst: Superlux S, Superlux SR8
  • Raynox DU 707 A
  • Revue: Revue SP, Revue 110
  • RevueLux 1001, Revue Lux 1001
  • Schongerfilm: S8 München 72
  • Silma: Silma 130M, 128-S
  • Yelco MP-330
  • Zeiss-Ikon-Voigtländer: Movilux 8A, 8B, Movilux 8R, Movilux 8 (old version only)

This list is exemplary only. It is neither to 100% correct nor complete yet. Over the decades there were many various stages of construction and built versions of the same type of device. Therefore, the information provided here can only be non-binding and exemplary. Please check before ordering based on the appliance, operating and/or service manual (or based on a remaining lamp) the exact required lamp type. Please check carefully the matching of electrical values (voltage / watts), the shape and the base type of the required lamp.

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