SUPER 8: Film Handbook for the Digital Age

SUPER 8: Film Handbook for the Digital Age

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Super 8: Film Handbook for the Digital Age
A brand new full color handbook that explores every facet of Super 8 film making in the 21st century.
What makes film so special? How do I choose the right camera? What film stocks are available today? Where and how can they be developed? Can I do it myself? How do I maintain my camera? What digital scanners are available for Super 8? How do I edit film on computer and take advantage of the possibilities it offers: Image stabilization, color correction, film improvement with Avisynth? How do I work with wet or tape splicers? What projectors are most efficient? What festivals can I submit my film to?
Super 8 has been around since 1964, and cameras and projectors are still easy to find at reasonable prices. Best of all, there are currently about 30 different types of film available in the format.
Author Juergen Lossau's clear, concise text is accompanied by hundreds of full color photos and illustrations that guide you through selecting a camera and film, shooting tips, editing, projection, equipment maintenance and repair, film storage, digital scanning and image manipulation using modern software and more.
- 275 pages with hundreds of full color photos and illustrations throughout
- Clear and concise text in both English and German
- Dozens of tips to help you choose the right camera and film type for your next project.
- Comprehensive and up-to-date listings of processing labs, shops and internet sites
- A full chapter dedicated to Super 8 festivals and competitions
- A detailed guide to processing your own Super 8 film at home
- A cut-out "notch ruler" that helps you to figure out what types of Super 8 film your camera will automatically accept

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