Grease Klüber Microlube GL 261, can 25g

Grease Klüber Microlube GL 261, can 25g

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Grease Klüber Microlube GL 261, can 25g

High quality professional grade grease for film projectors and other applications. 
MICROLUBE GL 261 greases are special lubricating greases on a mineral oil base. They also contain special lithium soap and the MICROLUBE additive package, which ensures a wear-free surface finish. Running-in wear is reduced to a minimum. In addition, the MICROLUBE additive package provides protection in the boundary friction regime, thus preventing tribo-corrosion. MICROLUBE GL 261 greases have the capacity to absorb high pressures, and they have good anti-corrosion properties.
Benefits for your application:
- Optimum lubrication in the boundary friction regime
- Preventing machine downtime due to tribo-corrosion
- Tried-and-tested for many years and approved by OEMs
- Longer component life due to special additives
- Especially good with oscillations and micro-movements
- Trouble-free operation of machines due to good pumpability in central lubrication systems

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