WITTNER Chrome 200D, 16mm 1R, 100ft / 30.5m

WITTNER Chrome 200D, 16mm 1R, 100ft / 30.5m

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Color Reversal Film

Agfachrome RSX-II 200 Emulsion coated onto clear Polyester base
16mm, single perf (16 1R 7605 [2994] EIB)
ISO 200/24° Daylight (5500K, w/o Filter)
ISO 50/18° Tungsten (3000-3400K, with Filter Wratten 80A)
Processing (E6) not included
Camera Reel (Daylight Spool)
100ft / 30.5m

Wittner Chrome 200D is a medium speed color reversal film for excellent color reproduction. This versatile film provides a wonderful grain structure with a highly nostalgic look. Based on Agfachrome RSX-II 200 emulsion, coated onto clear polyester base. 

Mainly intended for daylight filming, this emulsion will also yield excellent results in indoor or mixed light applications.

The perfect choice indoor / outdoor for advertising, nature cinematography, documentaries, music videos, amateur film and more. Yields a projectable original. 
Also good for telecine transfers and television filming for a lovely and nostalgic retro look. 
Get the feeling of 'reel film' using Wittner Chrome 200D for your project.

Slitted and perforated in highest quality and spooled down to camera reels under clean-room conditions.


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